Earthmoving Training and Assessment Queensland National License











Excavator License Brisbane

Licenses issued in Queensland  by for
are valid in every Australian State

Licenses issued in other Australian States are only valid in the State in which the License is issued.

UNITS OF COMPETENCY CERTIFICATES are also available in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia (valid in the State of issue only)

  • Available 24/7
  • Phone Jeremy - 0413 293 739
  • Your Place or Mine
  • Available Immediately



Bobcat Ticket Brisbane Queensland

Certificate III in

Plant Operations
Road Construction
Road Transport
(for Operators and all Plant)
Refresher courses for QA and Insurance compliance

All training is conducted in accordance with Australian Standards LoadShift Regulations

Big or Small We Train Them All


I came down from North Qld and as a first time user I found the practical hands on use of the excavator and skidsteer loader exciting, your facility has a great environment and I had plenty of time operating the equipment with realistic conditions. Thank you for an excellent course.  I thoroughly enjoyed my training and look forward to attending further training soon.  I would recommend “Needalicense” to all my friends for their training. Bill White, Mackay. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The initial introduction and safety videos were great, we had plenty of time to do the theory and take it all in.  There was no pressure in doing the work, I like the training set up and facilities. The outdoors part of the training was great and a good location very handy to transport services. Mick Powe, Beenleigh, Qld ------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have completed training at our facility or if we came to your work place and you wish to comment Please email your details and comments and we will include them on this page



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